The Wind Runner
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 Search and developement, Project Wind Runner.

The Future Projects

I designed and created the Stealth Tank,and have alot of other ideas.

Military Projeccts: Ocean Phantom; A.P.D's; Wind Runner;

The Spink; Sea Stalker; Thunderbolt; Typhoon; Lurkaton; Goliath;

Above to the right is called the WIND RUNNER

 The Wind Runners: are high powered fans to push and pull the enemy to pieces.

 The A.P.D's: are Armored Platted Drones.

 The Sea Stalkers: will be the fastest Torpedos in the World.

 The Spinks: are  Sub Terrain vechles to search for the enemy underground.

 The Lurkatron: is a smart bomb that lurks ware ever the enemy is then a ton of high explosives and lead balls to destroy the enemy.

 The Thunderbolts: are anti-air defense missiles, the only answer in the water is air superiority, so i made the thunderbolt missiles coming out of the ocean to defend our country and, the world from possiable nuclear attack.

 The Goliath is a tank and a big mind sweeper.
Martial Arts

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