The Ocean Phantom
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Anthony's Home Page
Hello im Anthony Marino, I Would like to designed the first Remote Control Stealth Tank for the U.S. government, I also teach martial arts, and I like to tattoo in my spare time, This site is dedicated to the hard work of our troops  and what  they accompleshed for our freedom.
Team Info:
U.S. Stealth Tanks Property of Anthony Marino:

7/16/03   Added pictures of Stealth Tank to the Photo page.
6/25/03   Updated the team schedule for fall of 2004 season.
5/30/03   Added information about Stealth Tanks.

 I'm in the prosses of Inventing the Ocean Phantom I'ts A huge under water gate up and down, the Atlantic Ocean and Pacific Ocean To protect our coasts from enemy subs and ships it will have underwater camras and torpedos to take out enemy crafts your support is need all money received will go to the project. The Under water torpedos will be the fastest in the world, and accurate. They will be called The Sea Stalkers. The Marine life will not be harmed in any way they will be deverted by anti fish sonar.       

                                   Thanks! Anthony Marino


Navy Seals OPS

Stealth Enhancements
About the enhancements. I used projecters and crystals to enhance the stealth paint, by useing satelite you can command the Tank to patrol the area which can save American lives over seas. I want visitors to sign my guestbook or fill out my survey Form E-mailer to answer questions about my site.
Stealth Tank

Testing budget Update

2004 Stealth Tank made.
This one was made with an E.P.B. cannon.
Elictrical Pulse Blanket
E.P.B. cannon is an Elictrical bomb
takeing out power to other tanks and,
small towns.
9/11/06 An Idea to protect our waters. The Ocean Phantom, a new project.

Stealth Idea's


Family in the Armed Forces

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